Peter Sykes

Wildlife Ecologist

Supporting applications for wildlife authorities issued under Queensland's Nature Conservation Act 1992

My Experience

~ Over 20 years experience in wildlife management (plants & animals)
~ 12 years experience as a wildlife ranger with QPWS
~ 4 years experience as a leading officer with the QPWS Wildlife Assessment Team
~ Specialising in Species Management Programs, Clearing Permits, Scientific Purposes Permits and Damage Mitigation Permits.
~ 10 Years experience as a Senior English teacher in Queensland State schools.

What I Do

~ Vet and proofread supporting information reports prepared by on-ground consultants for compliance with QPWS/DES requirements.
~ Write supporting information reports based on wildlife surveys and assessments prepared by suitably qualified persons.
~ Provide general advice to clients regarding QPWS/DES requirements and processes.